Women Relaxology- The ultimate foredeal to women’s wellbeing.

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Founded in January 2016 by Neha Gupta Women Relaxology’s objective is to make people excel & explore their solitary growth path. Different interests like photography, travel, books, food, spirutiality, health and entrepreneurship is provided by the company.

  1. What make you to create Women Relaxology? And why this name?

Being a marketer, Neha traveled the country and have worked with all different kinds of women who are married/unmarried, they all have work and life challenges with their daily life. In their mundane routine they also want to have their own time, so she developed something which caters to their interest i.e. Different &unique. At Women Relaxology we conduct workshops/sessions with women who are working professionals and also have trained themselves in solitary different interest like photography, travel, food, book writing, health, entrepreneurship and much more.

  1. Was getting started time consuming and tough?

Women Relaxology is my dream venture, this was in my mind for some years but then I executed it in 2016 with full throttle, so for me is 24/7 & 365 days.

  1. Whats ‘Women Relaxology’s‘ subject to focus on?

Women Relaxology has women leaders who have developed and gained expertise in these solitary interests with their 9 to 5 regular jobs.

They conduct these workshops with Women Relaxology which boosts the moral of the participants to give that extra mile to their daily routine which in return gives them pleasure & satisfaction to live life in a better way. They encourage other women to develop their skills in these fields also

  1. Enilghten us about your team.( The founders and key members).

Founder Story: Neha Gupta is born & brought up in the city of Ghats Varanasi. Alma mater of the University of Delhi perused her MBA (BE) from Delhi University with 10 years of work experience in FMCG companies gaining expertise in Brand Marketing Strategy & Communication, Consumer Marketing, Market research & Analysis. An avid traveler, foodie, book lover & tarot reader, she has visited lots of unknown destinations of India and loves pursuing her entrepreneur talent .She has been working with corporate women’s to conduct workshops & sessions for Women Relaxology. When she is not working, she spends time on the web & making exotic food dishes




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