What eventually would work for you is a great business, not funding: Hard lessons from EngineerBabu.com,Indore

EngineerBabu TeamEngineerBabu Team
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IdeapreneurIndia- What does your startup do? 

EngineerBabu- We are an IT service provider and IT company aggregator. We provide a platform for IT Indian IT companies to get global reach.

IdeapreneurIndia- What is the market size and estimated amount of funding?

EngineerBabu- Market size is US, UK, Australia and UAE approximately 20 queries per day. Funding of approx 5 crore.

IdeapreneurIndia- How and when did the idea strike you?

EngineerBabu- 2012 we decided to start the company.

IdeapreneurIndia- Who are your competitors?

EngineerBabu- Upwork.com, Freelance.com

IdeapreneurIndia- How is your product different from your competitors?

EngineerBabu- We take 7 days interview before letting anyone join the portal.

IdeapreneurIndia- What are your plans for next year?

EngineerBabu- Integrate with all the good IT companies in India and satisfy their project needs.

IdeapreneurIndia- What was the biggest challenge in your journey?

EngineerBabu- How to improve the life goal of our co-workers and motivate them to have big dreams and the will to achieve them.

IdeapreneurIndia- Tell us something about the co-founders?

EngineerBabu- Mayank Singh: Driven by the spirit of Entrepreneurship and dream to build a billion-dollar-company, I started my first venture at the age of 20 (in the second year of my college), and by 2016, I had already delivered four successful ventures.
Coming from a small village, I have faced many challenges but that only worked as a catalyst in developing me as an Entrepreneur and individual, and in strengthening my belief and will to achieve the heights that have been untouched.

Entrepreneurship and forming a company has not just been my passion but also been my hobby. Hence I find work-life balance overrated. No, I am not a workaholic but yeah if you talk about business and strategies for a company (any company) and how to take it to the next level, we can go a day on day talking about it, tirelessly.

I like to help people, solve their problem and give value addition to the society which is long-lasting and self-sustaining.

So here are my four credos:
1. You do not need all the clients, and you need limited customers but you need to give them best services, your growth might be slow, but it will be lasting.

2. To build a significant and sustainable company and be happy, genuinely help people and solve real problems which make someone life better.

3. The Company is made by staying loyal to your employees, build relations and assist them in their good and bad phases, and by keeping full transparency. It is as much their company as it is yours.

4. Employees are your power and strength, your strength not your liability

Aditi Chaurasia: Ambitious- This is how I define myself.

“Life is short and you get to live it just once; it passes by real-quick, so live it now and enjoy every moment of it.” –Aditi Chaurasia’s credo Daughter of a civil engineer and a pedant house wife, I am an entrepreneur, artist, speaker and mentor to people who want to make a difference and deliver to the society. Doing so, I’ve amassed a pretty incredible community of 200,000+ people.
Welcome to the “family”!
In my day job, I’m the co-founder and CEO of EngineerBabu, an award-winning IT service company with a target of empowering the world with Indian technology experts, as well as, the founder of Titliyan, e-commerce website to sell hand crafted gift items made by talented but struggling individuals. I also co-founded MotorBabu. In my off time, I love to spend time engaging in physical activities, doing art and craft, and going for long walks. As the co-founder of Indore Startup Community, we help develop the eco-system for fellow start-ups to share knowledge, experience and support for the one’s finding it tough to survive in this evolving market.
I have been featured on YourStory, Asian Entrepreneurs, YoSuccess, and countless other blogs. As held the podium for multiple event, including The Next Growth Conclave, Nepal, Rajasthan StartUp Fest, VIT StartUp Street and Young Leaders Conclave.
Endorsed by Lenovo, as Women in Tech for M.P. and C.G. region. I have been among the top 100 women entrepreneurs by YourStory, 25 Women Influencer by ScoopWhoop.

I am a proud CEO of EngineerBabu.

Avdhesh Solanki : The thing which attracts me is the innovation, technology and the environment.

Official website  : www.engineerbabu.com