Vehicle Tracking With ‘Cyrrup’

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Cyrrup is a company in telematics and healthcare fields that helps during emergencies. They solve various emergencies at the best prices. Their first line of products is the ‘Vehicle Black Box’. It is a vehicle management device which keeps a check on the performance of vehicle and driver behaviour. It sits on the dashboard of your car and ensures safety and security of the vehicle and the driver. It also locates and tracks the movement of the car, records a video of the road taken and the driver’s state during the trip. Built-in sensors for over speeding and alcohol testing are also available. If you are too drunk, the engine will not start and you are not allowed to drive. If you sense any danger or need immediate help, it has a ‘panic button’. It comes with smart notifications feature which gives an alert if the driver jumps signal, signboards or sharp turns and on fuel levels, engine health, and theft or intrusion. The second product of cyrrup is DVT- Dynamic Vehicle Tracking. It is an app that tracks and notifies people waiting for daily transport like cabs or buses and give parents their children’s bus location. It sends regular updates on the go, for students or employees waiting for their transport vehicles. With cyrrup’s app, you can go independently on time without calling or waiting and depending on your drivers or friends. The third feature it provides is for fleet management. With the help smart fleet management, owners can know where their vehicles are located, where they are going, the vehicle health and how they being handled by the driver. It is useful for tracking of delivery vehicles or borrowed ones. It also gives the information to the drivers about the path and the speed of the vehicle.

Name & Idea

Vehicle Black Box- Cyrrup did its research and discovered that a person dies every six minutes in India and the prime reasons are rash driving or lack of medical attention on time. So, they decided to do something as a responsibility towards the nation.

DVT- Dropping children at the bus stop is a responsibility but a  difficult task for today’s working parents. Students or employees find it time-consuming to wait for their daily transport. Therefore this vehicle tracker was created to help people to travel independently.

Smart Fleet Management- This feature keeps track of drivers and their status, location of the vehicle, the speed and the road. It is a virtual solution for all the problems we face in a trip as owners can track their vehicles, see and know where it is from their own comfort place. This results in timeliness, safe driving, to know what went wrong, where and why.

One of the most important thing this device performs is live tracking of your vehicle especially for big four-wheelers. It provides a dashboard that makes the task easier.

Tough Times Faced To Start

It took around half a year to develop the products and everything was a piece of cake. The only hard part was to search and build a passionate team.

Problems CYRRUP Solves

Cyrrup solves the problems revolving around harsh driving, help during accidents, safety and security of the people and the vehicle.

About The Team (Founders & Key Memebers)

The CEO and founder of Cyrrup is Mr. Gaurav Kumar and the co-founder is Mrs. Aswini Rao. Both are engineers and have worked in a few MNCs before starting their own business.

Challenges Faced

Spreading awareness and providing safe solutions at reasonable prices so each of us live a happy, healthy and long life.



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