The Success Story of Talent Market Pioneer- Gigstart.

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Gigstart is an avenue which connects anyone who wants to book an artist, right from event managers, college students, promoters, and wedding planners, etc. This is a tool which helps maintain much-needed transparency between artists and event planners also providing artists visibility.It is a simple service where artists are divided into various categories which you can look through and contact the ones you want for their dates and prices, thus making it the right platform for both the parties to fulfill their requirements.

Founded by Atit Jain and Madhulika Pandey who while working together on another project realized the utter lack of transparency which caused unnecessary hassles in the event and talent world. This led to their brain-child: Gigstart. While the platform itself has been around for a couple of years, KWAN took charge of the startup in July, this year. Before the launch of Gigstart, apps like UrbanClap existed almost unseen in the market. In the current technological era, it was inevitable that the entertainment sector would soon be taken over by technology too. The undeniable scope this market provides is reflected in Gigstart’s successful journey in this area.

Many applications and websites raise questions on the company’s identity saying the market needs tangible buyers and sellers with a credible and transparent system to be called ‘legitimate.’ The company though strongly believes that no such talent market exists in India which comply with this criteria. Hence, there are no rivals as such for Gigstart. Previously, no one had any idea as to how they were supposed to reach an artist, their availability and the suitable price for employing them.  Gigstart has been able to overcome these major problems.

The presence of KWAN only adds to the platform’s integrity. If an individual books the current sensation in any field be it movie, music or sports he knows it is trustworthy because of KWAN’s involvement. This is because KWAN is India’s largest and most credible talent management business which has been providing talent for all mediums from television to events to films. The USP of Gigstart is that you can find out what kind of artists are available, at what price and on which date where no one is providing false data for selfish reasons. Whether you are a high-profile event manager or a mother hosting a birthday party you have access to reliable and transparent material about artists.

In less than a year after the launch of Gigstart, it received funds from Indian Dream Capital (Mauritius), Rajesh Sawhney (GSF), Rohit Bansal and Kunal Bahl (Snapdeal), Narendra Singh Rawat (FG Wilson), TA Venture Holding Limited, Roshan Abbas and Anand Chandrashekaran because of its praiseworthy success in creating value for both sides of the supply-demand chain.

The investments are likely to be used for the following:

  1. Developing technologies which can seamlessly handle the rapidly-rising traffic on the site.
  2. Emphasis on creation of quality content to attract current and potential clients and assisting the artists in coming up with videos and audios for better conversations and artist-promotions.
  3. Focus on on-ground activities, co-sponsorships and other aspects of marketing which will build a reputation for ‘Brand Gigstart.’
  4. Hire talent across all ranks leading to an increase in the number of artists and customers.
  5. Funds will be channelized for geographical expansion. The company firmly believes that Tier 2 and Tier 3 towns have immense growth potential to offer, which it will tap into. As of its investors is based in Dubai, it may even look to explore its opportunities in the Emirates.

Says Atit Jain, “The faith that the investors have shown in our venture is due to the fact that we have had a 30% month-on-month growth since we have begun with the number seeing a concrete rise in the past three months. Without sounding self-congratulatory it is appropriate to point out that a platform like ours is not available anywhere in the world. Our aim is to channelize funds in a manner which will help us develop a world-class product in terms of scale, reach and value.”




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