The art of grading artists-Meena Kamal: Abstract landscapes by Indian artist showcased at US gallery

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Meena Kamal is a prolific accomplished international artist, who relentlessly followed her passion overcoming her physical disabilities to becoming an Oil and mixed media abstract landscape artist. Juxtaposed with reality and philosophy, she paints abstractions of enduring journeys and experiences in geometric, organic shapes with tactile texture in meditative color palette She divides her time between U.S.A, India and Dubai to paint. She continuously strives to reflect diverse cultural overtones in her paintings to express the experience of living in multicultural communities. Her aspirations to paint are a result of spirituality, instincts and emotions that guide our lives. Her paintings continuously evolve during the process of abstraction.

meena kamal_ideapreneurindiaKamal said,”My Art is inspired by my experiences.Artist and a passionate art lover since early childhood. I paint abstractions of journeys and experiences in landscapes abstract expressionism, oil on linen, canvas. and mixed media on archival paper. Influenced by spirituality to transform the viewing pleasure into meditative bliss. I create these landscapes from the photographs I take from heights, during my travel. Juxtaposed with reality and philosophy my paintings reflect enduring journeys and experiences, and incorporate geometric and organic shapes with tactile texture and unique color palette. My intuitions and spontaneity determines the level of abstraction in each painting.
My landscapes are an evolution for serenity, hope and progress.”

The artist has participated in exhibitions in Berlin, Paris, New York, Berkeley, Basel (Switzerland) and San Francisco.Kamal emphasises that her landscapes have elements that are predominantly Indian and juxtaposed with American, European, Middle Eastern and Asian references throughout by way of location, colour palette, composition, patterns and tactile texture.