TechnoBeat ’17, Mulund College of Commerce, Mumbai, Information Technology Fest, Maharashtra, January 27-28 2017

Technobeat Team
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Event Name:TechnoBeat ’17


Category:Information Technology Fest


Organiser:Mulund College of Commerce


Location:Mulund(west),Mumbai, Maharashtra


Event Dates:27th-28th January 2017


The students of IT department from Mulund College of Commerce are organizing a two day intercollegiate event “Technobeat 2017” on 27th & 28th Jan’2017 with various competitions such as:

  1. QUIZ MANIA : It is a quiz competion based on Technologies or IT based questions.
  2. BLACK CODING : It is a c++ coding based event wherein the participants are needed to code with the screen turned off
  3. DIRECTORS KUT : It is a movie making competion (short flim– live or animated)
  4. TECHNOKSHETRA : It is a task and treasure hunt based event wherein each team needs to complete 5 tasks
  5. CORPORATE CRACKER : It is a presentation based event wherein the participants are needed to present a power point presentation thus developing the participants public speaking skills
  6. KNOCK FOR THE MOCK : It is a mock interview based event wherein the participants are expected to go through 3 rounds namely
  • Aptitude Test
  • Group Discussion
  • Personal Interview
  1. SOCIAL KING AND QUEEN : It is an event wherein the participant needs to submit their photograph and it would be uploaded on our social media page, the participant having the highest number of “Likes” on their photograph would be qualified into the next round.
  • Temple Run
  • Mini Militia
  • Clash Of clans
  • Need For Speed
  • FIFA 07
  • Counter Strike
  1. WEB DESIGNING : The participant needs to create a webpage using HTML or               Javascript
  2. PROGRAMMERS KNOCK : It is an event in which the participants needs to debug the given code
  3. DEBATE : The participant needs to select a particular topic and try to dominate the opponent’s ideas
  4. CODE POOL :
  • Round I- The participants will be given an bowl of chits that consists of various languages and the participants are expected to write a simple code of “Hello World” in the following language.
  • Round II- The participant needs to create an attractive webpage in Java
  • Round I- The participants will have to solve a riddle within 5 minutes based on IT related topics.
  • Round II- The participant needs to display a code in c++ wherein the cout statement would contain the answer to the riddle.

The fest comprises of a series of programs aimed at entertainment, cultivation of good taste in information field and giving opportunities to expand student’s technical brains.

The hands and brains behind making “technobeat 2017″ is the core team:

Technobeat Team

Technobeat Team