SundayKart is a e-commerce franchise platform to connect local services

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Interview with SundayKart 

SundayKart is a e-commerce franchise platform to connect local services to customer’s in their area.Services offering are groceries, food, sweets & snacks, computer repairs, electrical, plumber,mechanics etc. These services are delivered to customer’s home. To expand rapidly and encourage loyalty, SundayKart promotes SundayKart reward programs.

IdeapreneurIndia- When was your platform launched?

sundaykartThoughts behind launching this platform.
Launched in 2014.
Provide e-commerce technology support to the people who own deliver services to the people. So franchisee can focus on marketing/sales in their area, rather than technology part.Provide a collective market branding for these

IdeapreneurIndia- Share some anecdotes – how did the idea click? Initial struggles while building team and product?

sundaykartInitial we developed online delivery platform for grocery/restaurant/sweets & snacks stores. So,they can put their merchandise online, and provide delivery services to the people. But
unfortunately, it was not efficient for these stores. These stores always depended on delivery people and who knows the technology to use. So, we though why not provide platform for delivery people, so they participate in their area. They can ring stores, services and customers together. So,we modified the platform to support these people.

IdeapreneurIndia- What’s the business metrics — like number of downloads, visits, orders a month, clients on board etc? What’s the revenue model?

sundaykart- We get commission from the store’s for the total sale. We give 60% of the commission to franchisee’s and 40% is used to support SundayKart reward program and develop/manage the SundayKart platform.We have 650 stores. 2000 clients. 100 orders/ month.

IdeapreneurIndia- What’s the initial investment made to launch the venture? Where did you spend the investment, in which segments?
sundaykart- 10 Lakhs.
Software development, marketing and sales.

IdeapreneurIndia- For how long do you plan to be bootstrapped?Are you looking forward to raise funding?
sundaykart- Until we figure out formula, where our franchisee’s are successful with their customers. Then we scale with the funding.

IdeapreneurIndia- How big is the market? According to you, what’s the size of opportunity you’re eyeing to crack? What’s the annual turnover?

sundaykart- Now we are focused in Andhra Pradesh /Telangana and its has potential customer of 140 Lakh people.
10% of 140 Lakh will be our customers in next 4 years. Annual turnover.

IdeapreneurIndia- Who are your competitors? What are you doing to outstrip your competitors? How are you going about customer acquisition?

sundaykart- Many upcoming startup companies providing platform for local services.Franchise platform, we will provide the software,franchisee will interact and market for the sundaykart.
Help/educate the customer the benefits of using the services in large scale.SundayKart reward program to make customercome back again and again.

IdeapreneurIndia- What are the challenges you see in this
segment? How are you going to overcome it?

sundaykart- Adaption is slow.Improve the interface, so customer can use it effectively.Improve delivery service.And provide more services, which complements with each other service.

IdeapreneurIndia- What’s the growth prospect of your venture?

sundaykart- If service is successful in our states, it’s can expand to other states, even countries.

IdeapreneurIndia- What lies on the product roadmap?

sundaykart- Individuals can rent items to people in their area.Directly buy from farmers and sell to the customers.

IdeapreneurIndia- Share the profile of founder/co-founders with age,education and experience background.

Satya (44), Msc in computer engineering (USA) –Hardware Engineer @ Qualcomm, Intel, Cisco,NEC
Kalyan(24) – Enterperuer, Bachelor Engineer.