Started From The Bottom-Sandeep Maheswari, CEO of – An Inspiration to Young Indians

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Sandeep Maheshwari  is an inspiration for entrepreneurs. He is the founder of ‘ImageBazaar’ that has over 800,000 Indian pictures and is the largest Indian stock images company in the world.

At the age of 13, his father bought him a shiny new two-wheeler thinking it would help him move around in Delhi, a city without good transport system. Little did he know that his son would make a business out of it. The first chance he got, Sandeep rented out the motorcycle to one of his friends who wanted to take a girl for a ride. The rate was Rs 50 per hour and the rider had to bear the fuel expenses. Within a few months he became famous, known to everybody who needed a two-wheeler. Soon, Sandeep earned back the cost of the moped and continued making more money  from it. When his father faced tough situations, his inner entrepreneur begin to catch hold of him.

Sandeep dropped out college and at the age of 21 he was earning lakhs of rupees pre month.  Today, the 29-year old runs the stock photo company he started called ‘’.

Recently he received an award from the British council ‘2010 Young Creative Entrepreneur Award’. They recognized his skills and ideas that helped him lead a business journey to make a change.

Abishek Mande interviewed the young entrepreneur to find out his views of what the award means to him and all the opportunities he looks forward to. He also tells him about the challenges he had to face and his journey through them.

What Is ImageBazaar? is an online stock image platform for buyers to meet with photographers and Videographers virtually. This website allows camera addicts to display premium images for advertisers, content creators, bloggers, corporates and other media professionals who look for images and videos and buy them for specific purposes. A team of experts (professional photographers and videographers) select the images to be presented ensuring high quality and service to all its customers. is one more website set up by Sandeep Maheshwari. This online platform encourages dilettante photographers to improve their skills, creativity and talent across the country. You can upload images and sell them to buyers earning an income from it. Also, from here, a professional team of experts select the images on and display them on letting people buy the images at a competitive price.

How To Earn?

A camera with a minimum of 6 Megapixels and enough passion for photography is all you need. Next step is to create a profile on and upload your clicked photographs and add suitable tags to make sure your images reach people easily when they search the site. The link given will help you understand what keywords people use to search for images. Your images are sold directly from or selectively uploaded on When buyers decide to buy your image, they will transact online through a secure service called Verising. This will transmit you money to your registered online account on and your payment options can be customized anytime.

What Type Of Images Can You Upload?

Any kind of image about India, its culture, tradition, people and scenarios can be uploaded on, but only human emotions and small shot images (face focus) qualify for You can earn commissions in both cases if your images qualify for imagesbazaar. Images have to be of enough resolution and clarity, bigger than 2000 X 3000 pixels (6 megapixel), JPEG format and the file size is less than 10 MB.

Unlike, you cannot upload and earn directly on since it presents photos from professionals and Mash Audio Visuals Private Limited team scrutinize images for display. Only selected high quality images displayed on from can earn you a commission.

How To Take Outstanding Professional Images?

The photos you upload must be of good quality and be extraordinary exhibiting a professional look to stand out. Beginners and those interested to learn or improve their photography skills, take a look at Trick Photography.



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