Co-founders of Nanojobs start BookMyBai to bring professional maid hiring services to India

BookMyBai_FoundersBookMyBai Founders
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Ideapreneurindia-What does your startup or industry do?


BookMyBai – is an aggregator of domestic helps and domestic help bureaus. Think of us as a flipkart of maids. Just like how flipkart has sellers on its platform through which they can sell their products, similarly we have verified and trusted maid bureaus who showcase their available list of maids on the platform.
We are in the business of providing of providing a permanent part-time, full-time or a live-in maid. We are different from on-demand services. On-demand services are good then your permanent maid has not turned up and you need someone temporarily. However we are providing a permanent solution to the households maid issues. We cater to 4 broad categories – Cleaners, Cooks, Baby sitters and senior citizen caretakers. At the moment we have presence in Mumbai, Thane, Bangalore, Pune, Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida. We also provide live-in male domestic helps across India. We are soon launching our services in Dubai, Hong Kong and Singapore for NRIs living there who require an Indian domestic help.

Ideapreneurindia-What is the market size and estimated amount of funding received in this sector so far or last year (whichever figure known) •

BookMyBai –The market size just for permanent maids is approximately $5 billion.

Ideapreneurindia-How and when did the idea strike you?

BookMyBai -The foundation of the idea was when we were trying to hire a domestic maid for our own house. We tried to contact multiple maid agencies and most of them were frauds or fly-by-night. They took lot of money from us as recruitment charges but almost all the maids provided by them ran away after a few days and then the agency stopped answering our phone calls. That’s when we thought that a professional-corporate company is required to solve this ever growing problem in India

Ideapreneurindia-Who are your competitors?

BookMyBai –We don’t really have any direct competitor which provides same solutions as we do. However there are a couple of portals who are more on the jobseeker listing model like,, etc.


BookMyBai Team

Ideapreneurindia-How is your product different from your competitors?

BookMyBai –These portals do not provide you a physical interview but only help the employers with phone number of the available maids. Further which the employer has to coordinate directly with the maid for interview and then selection. has a different approach. We use a lot of technology to identify the best possible maid who lives very close to your house. We also do background checks, document verification, police verification etc so that the employer knows that the random person who visits their house is a safe and trustworthy person. We use geo-tagging of the maids to make sure that the maid lives within 1 km radius of the employers house so that the maid can reach work on time.

Ideapreneurindia-What are your plans for next year?

BookMyBai –We are expanding geographically across India. We will soon launch operations in Kolkata, Hyderabad, Surat and Ahmedabad. We will also launch a massive sourcing campaign in the North-east to help the underprivileged women of that ignored region earn a better livelihood in Tier-1 cities across india

Ideapreneurindia-What was the biggest challenge in your journey?

BookMyBai –This industry is plagued with fraud and cheats who take money from both, the employer and the job seeker. Creating trust amongst the community of women that we are an authentic company and we do not charge any commission from the maids monthly salary. Also creating trust amongst the employers that finally there is a corporate company who is taking care of their domestic needs with seriousness.

Ideapreneurindia-Tell us something about the co-founders.

BookMyBai –The startup has 2 co-founders

Anupam Sinhal (30) – He is a B.Tech in computer science. He worked in IBM (ISL) and Cognizant before starting up his first venture Further he launched another portal which is an aggregator of interior designers and architects. Homado was very successful and got acquired by a renowned furniture portal. Anupam handles the technology and the operations in

Vikash Chowdhury (33) – He is a B.Sc in Computer Science. After completing his graduation from Queensland University, Australia, Vikash moved to Mumbai to start his own manpower sourcing firm. He was an active and vital member of the Homado team and now handles all the finances of



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