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IdeapreneurIndia-What does your startup do?

Zepo- In one line, Zepo is a SaaS platform that simplifies online selling with end-to-end ECommerce solutions. We help people grow their business online with our varied service portfolio.

Currently, our service portfolio is 4-fold. We offer:
Online Store – We help create an ECommerce enabled online store with 100+ themes to choose from.
Automated Marketing – Our Automated Marketing tool runs multi-platform ads and uses smart retargeting techniques to secure additional sales for our clients. Multiple clients has seen huge increase in their sales through our Marketing services.
Logistics Services – With Zepo Couriers, our clients can send couriers anywhere via companies like FedEx, Aramex, Delhivery, DotZot, DHL etc. To reduce the hassle for our clients, the logistics module can be easily accessed via a digital dashboard where it’s much easier to ship orders, track shipments, manage returns, etc.
Marketplace Listing – We help our clients sell their products in various marketplaces directly from their store dashboard. They can track statistics like the orders received, amount pending, shipment tracking, etc.

Zepo Technologies Team:


IdeapreneurIndia-What is the market size and estimated amount of funding received in this sector so far or last year (whichever figure known) ?

Zepo In terms of market size, there are about 47 million SMB’s(Small & Medium businesses) in India. Out of that massive number, about 11.5 million SMB’s are addressable. Out of these, about 1.5 – 2 million SMB’s are the low hanging fruit that Zepo is looking to target. They have showcased certain characteristics like the extent of online and social media presence etc. that reflects their willingness to go online.

IdeapreneurIndia-How and when did the idea strike you?

Zepo-It all started when Nitin Purswani (Founder,CEOZepo) along with a friend decided to manufacture and sell slogan t-shirts post college. Initially, the t-shirts were being supplied to 50 retail outlets across Pune, Nasik and Mumbai. In about two years, the business scaled up to selling about 5000 t-shirts per month. Then, Nitin encountered several issues upon trying to take their t-shirt business online. Based on his experiences back then, Nitin realized that doing business online had great potential in theory, but was difficult to execute in practice at that point of time because of a dearth of solutions.

The first hurdle was to get a great website for the business. The individual hired to take the business online did a terrible job and dropped a hefty bill for the same. Secondly, upon receipt of every order, they had to enlist the services of a professional courier company by personally dropping off the parcels at their offices. This was highly impractical as the number of orders kept increasing. A payment gateway solution was also required, but since it was a bit of a novelty back then, it was expensive to acquire.

All of this uncovered tremendous insights that there was great scope for selling online, only if the associated pre-requisite processes became simplified. Thus, the idea took seed and Zepo was born in 2012

IdeapreneurIndia-Who are your competitors?

Zepo-Our main competitors would be Shopify, Kartrocket.

• How is your product different from your competitors?

We are the only end-to-end E-Commerce service provider in the country right now. We solve every problem that an individual might face when they decide to take their business online. Most E-Commerce service providers offer an E-Store platform with integrated Payment gateway services, but we go way beyond that by providing Smart Marketing services, Advanced Logistics services, Marketplace selling and exceptional Customer Support.

IdeapreneurIndia-What are your plans for next year?

Zepo-In terms of our future plans, we plan to mainly focus on a couple of aspects:
Have incremental revenue growth. As of now, we are on track to hit a gross revenue of INR 15 Cr in FY-17-18 along with being EBIDTA positive.

Maximize product potency. We plan to keep optimizing our automated-marketing for stores thereby ensuring higher ROI for our store owners

IdeapreneurIndia-What was the biggest challenge in your journey?

Zepo-We had three major challenges that were pivotal to our growth:

1) Simplifying the process of setting up & managing a website for our customers

2) Simplifying the process of sending couriers & reducing the costs involved

3) Simplifying online marketing to easily get visitors & maximize conversions with no extra efforts from the seller.

The resolution of our first problem ended up becoming a competitive advantage for us. With our Android app, people can set-up & manage critical aspects of their online business on the go.

For the second problem, we partnered with Bluedart, Fedex, Aramex & others to create a multi-carrier shipping solution. Now, we are able to provide very economical rates across the board & the ease of single click scheduling.

We have been constantly working on the last, and perhaps the most important challenge – simplifying online marketing for SMBs. Using our Automated Ads module, we now create campaigns for our store owners, publish them on Facebook / Google, and optimize it for maximum ROI in just about 2 clicks by the store owner.

We are constantly working towards process and product optimization to minimize latency between processes and provide an intuitive and delightful experience to our customers.

IdeapreneurIndia-Tell us something about the co-founders ?.

Zepo- Nitin Purswani – Nitin Purswani is the founder and CEO of Zepo Technologies, a company that provides end-to-end E-commerce solutions and primarily helps SMB’s go online. An entrepreneur at heart, he is doggedly determined to make Zepo India’s most effective and endearing E-commerce solution.