PlexusMD to grant jobs to doctors

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Rohan Desai from Ahmedabad made 2008 one of the most important the year of his life. Not only did he complete his MBBS and become a doctor but also got into IIM-Ahmedabad for a MBA.  Ever since this has happend, many are curious to why he made up his mind to do an MBA after becoming a doctor? I asked him the same question. Rohan says” “My parents are doctors. I entered this field with the flow and never really questioned it, but I was always good with mathematics and analytical situations. I was always more involved with things and systems that worked at scale,”. Rohan easily passed the CAT and got into IIM-Ahmedabad, the most prestigous B-school in India. Here, Rohan came face to face with a lot of possibilities and he made up his mind to serve the healthcare sector and doctors in bulk.

Rohan did a consultancy job till 2013 after his MBA but then his mind was set on a start up. But what? Being a doctor with a taste in technology, he observed the relationship between doctors and social media.  Rohan says “Id often come across doctors posting some breakthroughs they made on Facebook which is not a place one would typically expect such updates,”. Out of many angle, a basic angle was broken- there is no consolidated place the different models the doctors  work on(contract based, part time, internship, exclusive contract,etc) with hospitals and clinics.

This is how a portal for job oppertunites for doctors was born.  Specalities vary from doctor to doctor. A dedicated platform for doctors does make sense, with an ocean of sprectums. A computer science engineer handels the technology side of the start up. The trio joined hands and created PlexusMD with a goal to connect healhcare professionals and organizations accross the globe.

Over the months they’ve develouped a network and have the following metrics:

2500+ doctor users across India have posted 250+ job openings in various specialities across the big names(mentioned below) and even standalone hospitals.

Partnered with Narayana Health, Columbia Asia, Thyrocare, Vasan Eye Care, Centre for sight, Sterling Hospitals, PHFI for sharing their job openings, courses and fellowships on PlexusMD.

Adding 60-70 doctors everyday, Plexus now consists of 6 individuals in total and launched their android app last week. Their focus is on combining Web and Mobile because the internet is where most of the content creation takes place. Sermo,Curofo and a bunch of startups are making efforts in the doctor to doctor networking platform. Practo has proved to be the biggest startup success from India, when it comes to digital healthcare. But this is on the consumer side. PlexusMD focuses more on the jobs  part and the network platform is secondary to maintain and engage a community.

Bootstrapped till now, PlexusMD most probably needs funds to survive on a long term. PlexusMD is most likely to become a typical job portal revenue model which is a compilation of advertisements and premium listings.



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