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NewsDistill is a News and Media platform which renders regional as well as global news to users at a glance.NewsDistill’s key feature is that it prioritises news which enables the readers to glance the latest trending news across media platforms as well as social media on the home page.It also does topic wise grouping which allows users to compare various news from a different platform.NewsDistill brings you all the happening news in an instant in various languages including all the regional languages used across India. For now, it caters with Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada, Marathi, Tamil. They are currently supporting Telugu, English and Hindi for Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states and all the other states and regional languages will be added soon.The news is sourced from across media outlets like NDTV, TOI, The Hindu, The Economic times, Deccan Chronicle, Reuters, BBC, Forbes, IBN Live, ESPN, Tech Crunch, CNN, Sakshi, TV9, ABN Andhra Jyothi, Nava Telangana, Vartha, Eenadu.This means all news at one platform with diversified categories comprising 20+ Genres like Top News, Politics, Entertainment, Sports, Business, National, International, Tech and so on covering all important events from across the globe.

When asked about how did the company come up with this idea and why this name and how time-consuming was it to get started,Narasimha Reddy,the CEO and founder of NewsDistill said that,”As a vivid news reader, I was always enthusiastic about keeping myself updated about all that was going around. I used to read news from websites and newspapers profusely and also had news apps on my mobile. I always thought that different sources had different perceptions about the same incidents and that reflected in their articles. I could sometimes clearly infer that some news sources were biased towards a particular political or organizational group and I would always look for other channels to see what they have to say about the same incidents. So, I ended up with a lot of open windows on my laptop and at times, it became very cumbersome. Yet, it was pretty difficult for me to find what I wanted.”

He also depicted his inclination towards a particular news source when looking for a specific genre. Personally, he likes ‘The Hindu’ for headlines, ‘Deccan Chronicle’ for Entertainment, ‘The Economic Times’ for business needs and so on. He adds that those were his personal choices and not that he is biased as he like everybody else is entitled to have his own choices.Having said that, he always wished that the related articles from different sources were grouped together at one place for him to read and compare. And all his personal preferences like news from different Genres from different sources were all organized at one place. He wished for something that would do all this for me with just one click everyday and how awesome and time saving that would that be for him and that’s exactly the moment when the Idea behind NewsDistill first got planted in his mind.

He was excited about the idea and as a result shared it with one of his friends over lunch and as expected, his friend loved it instantly and the two left it there and just resumed with whatever we were doing like the conversation never happened. But, the idea was constantly running in Narasimha’s head no matter what he was doing. A week later, the two shared the idea with their other friends where some did not pay attention, and an only a couple of them thought it was a good idea to work on. But they thought it was too complicated to work on and very challenging. They collectively discussed various challenges they would face when they would start working on it and how they can overcome those said challenges.Those conversations helped them understand better in order to take their first steps in looking to build what they wanted and after a few days, Narasimha himself started doing the ground work and approached the Editors and CEOs’ of a lot of newspapers, channels and websites and talked to a lot of people in the Media in order to get a lot of insights about the gap between the publishers and the readers that were to be filled which really helped him and made him determined and set to work on NewsDistill.

He chose the name “NewsDistill” because it filters the news and caters according to the need of the users as the name suggests.NewsDistill allows the users to get latest trending news all at a glance on the home page due to the features like “Topic wise grouping” which enables news articles and videos from various sources on the same topic to be grouped together in order to provide all the information about the said topic in one shot and a reader can compare the same topic from diverse sources at one place that charms the reading experience to a different level.The other feature is “News Prioritisation” which showcases Latest trending news across media platforms as social media are prioritised on the home page for the user to give a quick update at a glance.

The Core Team of the media company NewsDistill includes Narasimha Reddy – CEO and Founder and genius in technology naturally gifted with talent and very hardworking visionary.Vamsi – Co-Founder and Director as well as a close adviser to Narasimha since the beginning.Bhaskar Reddy – Vice President and heads the marketing department and who is very passionate about his work and Kalyan Srinivas – Director of the company who leads the team at offshore as the founders live in the US.

The different challenges faced for operation were that with the increase in a number of users, they are scaling up the infrastructure according to the demand. and have always been on a lookout for innovative ways to market their unique startup in order to fulfil the vision of entering into the US market by the end of 2016, becoming number 1 news aggregator in India by the end of 2016 and topping the list of top 10 news aggregators in the world by the end of 2018.NewsDistill’s mission is to provide a rich and organized interface to news around the globe with innovative news aggregation with the aid of artificial intelligence in order to value user’s time and interests.



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