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Being a women entrepreneur is a heavy task according to the present scenario. People have many misconceptions and gross notions about you if you are women entrepreneur. Your work life balance is always questioned. So we are here with 4 common myths that every women entrepreneur must have encountered with.


Your life is completely inside the office

The most persistent myth is that you don’t have a life outside your office. It might be true at the initial stages of your start up but not true always. Once you understand to manage tasks, you always find a ‘me time’. After certain time you can actually set back and supervise over the work. This is where you will get some time to spend with your family and friends. Try to give yourself at least half an hour in a day to have some quality leisure time.


You act like man for success

People think you act, talk, dress up and think like man. The qualities of good entrepreneurs are multi tasking, handling things during emergencies, Maintain stability and managing finances. This actually what women do as mother or as house wives. So you never have to act like man for success in your business.


You will always be a small scale entrepreneur

This is meanest thing that this world tells women. They will create a hindrance in your growth by saying that you can never scale up. This is not at all true. This time the when you have to answer them back by giving examples of Women like Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, Richakar, Prachi Garg and many others. Believe in your selves and one you will scale up and grow tremendously.


Either you are too old or too young to do it

Everyone knows that Age is just a number but they will still try to set you aside from your goals by pointing at your age. For them if you are too young for something then tell them you have the time to experiment and if you are too old then you have experience in your hand. So never think of age as an issue for something. Your skills will bring you success and not the age.

Many of you must have gone through these myths and I am sure your trying your level best to avoid prove them false.



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