MakerMela 2019, KJ Somaiya College of Engineering, Design, Technical and Entrepreneurship Event, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 17-19th January 2019

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About The Event:

Maker Mela is the premier event for grassroot innovations in India. It is a celebration of arts, crafts, engineering, science, the DIY mindset, and the maker movement. It’s a platform for like-minded folks who bring to life a diverse range of raw, unique and unconventional ideas.From pottery to 3D printing, there’s some for everyone. You think you have it in you? Come take a quick peek, and meet the maker in you. Get ready to inspire, get inspired, and explore what tickles your curiosity. COME, CREATE, MAKE, BAKE, SHOWCASE.

Maker Mela is an initiative of Somaiya Trust & Somaiya Vidyavihar,

organised by Organizer Riidl (Research Innovation Incubation Design Laboratory).
Organizer of Maker Mela – India’s Biggest Maker Gathering

1. Event Name: Maker Mela 2019

2. Category: Entrepreneurship Event

3. Organizer: Somaiya Vidyavihar

4. Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra

5. Event Dates: 17-19th January 2019

6. Event Name: MakerMela 2019

7. Category: Technical Fest

8. Organiser: KJ Somaiya College of Engineering

9. Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra

11. Event Type: Innovation Exhibition, Speaker sessions, Cultural program

12. Audience Type: Students

13. Location: Vidyavihar – Mumbai

14. Institution(s): Somaiya Vidyavihar – RIIDL

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Event Details:
Maker Mela is the premier event for grassroot Innovations in India. It is the celebration of arts, crafts, engineering, science, the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) mindset, and the Maker Movement. It’s a Platform for like-minded folks who bring to life a diverse range of raw, unique and unconventional ideas.
Event Caption:
Today’s D.I.Y is Tomorrow’s Made in India

Event Theme:

Summary: Maker Arena: The Maker Arena is the popular exhibition of 100 maker teams who display and explain their various innovations/ideas to the visitors – the core of Maker Mela. Most of our makers have working models, while there are others whose ideas have already found applications in society. Visitors are encouraged to interact with the makers, ask questions about their innovations and discuss possible applications. This interaction between the inventor and the end-user is our main priority. Darwin Arena: Biological and genetic knowledge has grown extraordinarily over previous decades, but is yet not a part of general awareness, which focuses mainly on gadgets and tech items. Recognizing this need, we came up with ‘Darwin’ – a biotech maker movement where, together, we can learn, socialize, research and encourage bio-makers who can create great changes in biotechnology. The Darwin Arena will consist of 25-50 bio-maker teams. Total makers to be hosted by Maker Mela :100-150 maker teams

Status: 500 registered, 80 Selected.

Few Top Makers

1. Small Wind Turbine ( – For the price of an iPhone, a small wind turbine that can power your homes, farms or offices.

2. Smart Navigation Band ( – Designed smart navigation bands where these bands will guide the user to his/her destination with the help of vibrations.

3.Digital Monitoring Kit for Limb Physiotherapy Rehab ( – An affordable solution for assisted physiotherapy making self-rehabilitation more engaging and effective for stroke patients, along with support for physiotherapists & doctors to continuously monitor progress levels during rehab with adaptive recommendations, leading to faster and safer recovery from motor impairment suffered during incidence of stroke.

4. Mitra: A Humanoid Robot ( – Mitra is a humanoid robot built for enhancing visitor management and increasing productivity at workplaces.

5.Automated CPR ( – This device is using modern technologies for delivering CPR.The device is less in cost and more effective to deliver CPR than other devices.

6. Robotic Bell with Broadcasting System ( – A machine to take in charge of bell ringing and broadcasting in an innovative and easiest way. Also IoT Public Address solutions, IoT Speakers.

7. Pixelkar ( – An Interactive Installation which captures the Live Camera Feed and Pixelates the live Video feed in to Indian Pixelated Patterns in realtime

8. INDRO ( – Tallest humanoid robot of India

9. Darwin Mini ( – DARWIN MINI is a 16 DOF humanoid that can be controlled by any Android powered phone or tablet which has Android 2.3.3 or higher, and a minimum 1.2GHz Dual Core and 1 GB RAM.

10. Adrian Landon Metal Sculpture ( – Hand-made metal horse sculptures and mechanical moving sculptures

mekarmela event mumbai


Summary: From tech gurus to global dignitaries to Indian celebrities – the speaker sessions are bound to have something to attract everyone. Some of the eminent speakers that are expected to come this year

1) Srikant Bolla- Founder of Bollant industries

2) Sparsh Shah – 12-Year-Old Singing Prodigy

3) Ashutosh Valani(L) and Priyank Shah(R)- Co-founders of Beardo

4) Aamir Khan – Film Actor

5) Pranav Mistry – computer scientist and Inventor

6) Salil Parekh – Infosys CEO

7) Capt. Raghu Raman (President, Reliance Industries Limited, eminent speaker)

8) Yashraj – 17 year old researcher, ideator, technologist, Inventor and co- founder and CEO of zenithvipers


We always wonder whether making a career in YouTube is possible or not. Hear it from the most popular YouTubers like MAD stuff with ROB (653k followers) Slayy Point (704K) The Rawknee Show (556K) Kiran J. (716K) Discussing Being a Youtuber as a Career in India live on stage followed by a Q&A with the attendees. Interested YouTubers who we are in talks with: Amit Bhadana (12M followers) Rickshawali (1.7M) Melvin Louis (1.7M) Beer Biceps (1.7M)


An intriguing concept which gives kids a platform to speak their heart out on topics concerning their aspects of life, The panel discussion is on – Indian Educational System In India. This topic is carefully chosen so that the kids can relate to it and speak openly. The panel consists of kids like: 1. Shrishti Sharma – Limca Book of World Record holder for limbo skating on ice. 2. Akshat Singh – A prominent Indian dancer who has appeared on shows like The Ellen DeGeneres Show. 3. Malhar Pandit – Has won numerous competitions from NASA. 4. Shourya Manhot – Talented artist with exceptional paintings skills. 5. Truptraj Pandya – Guinness World Record Holder for playing tabla at age of 3.


#1 – MAKERS’ NIGHT Summary:

A ‘meet & greet’ night for makers – a mellow evening where all the makers will have an introductory session to interact with each other, and give a briefing to the others about their product/creation on the podium.

EVENT #2 – KHEL MELA Summary:

Maker Mela believes in innovative entertainment. A compilation of popular games with a twist of innovation. Games under Khel Mela: Human Foosball & Baseball Cricket Human Foosball Summary: Ever played Foosball? Imagine if there are actual people instead of the plastic players. Come witness a life sized set-up of foosball where you’re literally inside the box. 50 colleges invited, 16 teams, 1 winner Prize money : INR 10000 Runner up : INR 5000 BASEBALL CRICKET Summary: Cricket is a mind boggling game itself, but what if we tell you there are supposed to be 3 batsmen at the same time? Interesting? Come and take up the challenge! 50 colleges invited, 16 teams, 1 winner Prize money : INR 10000 Runner up : INR 5000 Reason to promote: it will get us maximum crowd from other colleges and promote Maker Mela and our Sponsors Expected students reach : 12000-15000 Expected crowd from other colleges: 3000-4000 EVENT 3: ART MELA: Summary :Art Mela is giving a creative playground to creative minds. Maker Mela believes making an artist is also a Maker and needs to be promoted. Activity under Art Mela : Junk Art & Long Canvas JUNK ART Summary: Students will be provided with a pile of ‘junk’ and they will have to make something creative out of it in a limited timeframe. This event stresses on waste management and recycling, which are much needed skills in today’s world. 75 -100 schools invited, 16 teams and 1 winner Winner prize INR 5000 Expected students reach : 12000-15000 Expected students to visit Maker Mela: 4000-5000 LONG CANVAS Summary: Each artist will be given one section of a continuous canvas. Materials will be provided, but may also be brought by the artist themselves. There’s no specific theme, the artist is free to paint whatever he/she desires to express.


A unique fashion show, where the contestants will be expected to make their own clothing using silk and cotton as base material, and to then create and apply bio-polymers as decoratives / accessories, which will be the unique twist and the main attraction of the fashion show. 15 participating teams Prize money : Rs 30000


Summary: Bio Design is a competition for people who enjoy biology and biotechnology. A number of eminent bio-related companies will provide problem statements to be assigned to participants. These will span various biology topics and focus on a bunch of important modern problems. The participants will have to tackle the challenges of their choice. Prize money : INR 5000