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Indian food habits are way far different than other countries. We Indians have a lot of spicy and oily food. Such foods are present in every occasion and are liked by ever one. But this food leads to health issue like obesity.“Indians enjoy a very sedentary lifestyle; to get them to an active lifestyle is quite a task. It includes a combination of changing their eating habits and getting them to exercise, more so in children who are often found with high levels of obesity simply because they are just not physically active,” says Co-Founder and Managing Director of AktivOrtho Gabrielle Seacy.

Gabrielle is an Irish lady and a commerce graduate from university college cork. She has over 15 years of international marketing and business management experience in Ireland, the UK, Asia-Pacific, and Nordic Benelux. She has also worked in textile industry and is a IT person who has done stints at London and Paris. She has excelled in all possible flied.

Gabrielle says her service as people service and here is what AktivOrtho does as people service-

it helps improve your quality of life. It is a European model of rehabilitation chain of clinics focusing on orthopaedic, gynaecological and neurological rehabilitation, prevention and sports medicine. The fact that sports medicine has also grown as a niche sector has worked to the advantage of AktivOrtho.

Be it a six-month-old child to people well into their 80s, AktivOrtho offers treatment across all age groups.

She started up in because of an insistence of an Indian who was treated by them in Hamburg clinic in Germany. “He was immensely benefitted and wanted others in his home country to be similarly helped, and that is why he asked us to start our chain of clinics here in India,” adds Gabrielle. She operates the clinic with her husband Dr.Gerd Mueller. As the request started increasing they both started making visits to India to know about the business opportunity. And in April 2012, they opened their first centre in Delhi. Currently, there are four clinics in Gurgaon and seven in Germany.

Gabrielle is very happy about her people service and she thinks that she is making a difference in people who walk into their clinic. She is also mother of two young kids who are just 10 and 8. But with the support at home she manages to excel in her service.

Gaberielle got all her motivation from her husband. “Being married to him, I could see huge benefits people got from his line of treatment. It was hugely rewarding. To see people enjoy long and healthy life is also a motivation for us to keep growing,” says Gabrielle.

Gabrielle share with us how a Oman man who had multiple surgeries in ankle and had to walk with crutches got cured in a six week therapy at AktivOrtho. She says “The ideal thing to do is go for brisk walks every day in the mornings. It exposes people to the sunlight, a direct source of Vitamin D”.

Gabrielle is happy that their children are able to perceive various Indian cultures. She and her husband handle the business really well. She handles finance, marketing and client servicing.

While on the other hand her husband handles treatments. “We both are a very strong team with a huge amount of trust between us. We bring very different skill sets and I can proudly say the success of our business is partly because of the fact that we work together as a team,” signs off Gabrielle.



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