Innovation and Technology at Vulcanstech.

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Vulcanstech is an automation (product designs and manufacturing with R&D considerations) based start-up venture providing smart intelligent robotic services to various sectors such as education, agriculture, medical, tourism etc. This company aims at hands-on work and experience with advanced technologies such as “Hybrid Intelligence” in which they believe that through this “The society doesn’t have to bow their heads towards technology rather technology bends themselves towards humanity and social & economic welfare”.

Vulcanstech is situated at the temple city of Odisha which reveals as one of the unique and first of its kind, start-up based venture in the Indian engineering market.

The Naming:

The hardworking based creative enthusiasm and blood trekking up with passion towards smart robotic based services were the main driving Alma mater behind the creation of this company, which could build a better vision of robotic science for their present and tomorrow people. Often different broken up minds with a mind full of creative, brain warming ideations and hands-on expertise in such fields. Which led to their motivation for the creation of “Vulcanstech”; combining various minds with different pearls of wisdom of high-end technologies to create one platform for the betterment of the society.

The Creation:

Initially, the main problem Vulcanstech was facing was to idea mapping or brain storming for current issues being prevailed in the Indian society. After all next the problem was mainly lying on the development of the resources such as setting up of assembly lines, funding’s for product development, workspace, company registrations and legal setups.

About Vulcanstech:

Presently, Vulcanstech mainly emphasizes on the offering of efficient smart solutions on the current issues of Indian economy for e.g. Education, medical feature based services with top up of agriculture services too. Presently it is emphasizing on the education sector by initiating 3D virtual holographic projection based products for smart learning of the students enabled with various interactive features that fill ups the basic amenities in the Indian education sector.

The Challenges:

From the past 1 year, they have been developing services for intelligent based robotic systems. But with the progress in time, with the increase in consumer demands our economy over production rate with convergence in manufacturing involving with R&D based division scale products is leading towards pitfall due to lack of investment and secure fundings for project development or capitals. In bulk phase orders, the cost share which has to be decided according to the present economic scenario has increased at a steep rate. The main problems they are facing presently are non-availability of investments, digital media sponsors, and public sector support.

The Team:

R Vijay Kumar (CEO)

M.S, Ph.D. in Artificial intelligence From Stanford University

Biranchi Narayan Panda (CTO and Founder)

BPUT, Odisha

Rakesh Kumar Patro (CMO)

BPUT, Odisha

Susovit Kumar Nandy (CBO)

CUTM, Odisha

Sudipta Rudra (Research Analyst)

BPUT, Odisha

Biswa Prasad Swain (CHRO)

BPUT, Odisha

Ashis Ranjan Biswal (Business Co-Ordinator)

BPUT, Odisha

The Vision:

To expand robotics technology with collateral interrelation with various industrial sectors to extend its application towards the divergent sustainable development of India as the next robotics hub of the world.

Committed towards excellence in becoming leading partners of intelligence based robotic application throughout the globe by imparting quality products with “state of the art” technologies.

To create induction of awareness about therapeutic applications of intelligent robotics into Indian markets through quality training and improvised self-learning systems.



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