How VanityCask is bringing a change in Indian luxury beauty product market and VanityCask Has Touched About 2M Lives of Women Across India.

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Vanity Cask is a unique concept that looks to create an alternate and effective discovery, marketing & distribution channel for the Indian beauty industry.VanityCask is a fresh perspective on the Indian Beauty Industry.

The Indian beauty market is one of the largest with a potential of Rs. 30,000 crore with a CAGR of approximately 20%. Yet, the luxury segment of the Indian Beauty industry remains largely untapped. The consumer base is of the Indian Beauty market is that of the mass consumption that usually looks for anything that might suit their budget/ economically.
Vanity Cask is a fresh perspective on the Indian Beauty Industry. This company was launched in August 2016 by Mr. Tarun Joshi who has been in the retail and marketing industry for over 30 years. He was the founding Managing Director of Brand house Retails Limited. In five years, Tarun led the company from inception to pan India growth. He leveraged the company’s retail infrastructure to launch international luxury brands like Dunhill and Escada in India. He has been associated with some distinguished brands like Gillette, Belmonte, Reid and Taylor, etc. to name a few. He is the vision behind Vanity Cask and its founder. 
The aim of Vanity Cask is to revolutionize the way people in India show and discover luxury beauty products. The accessibility to global lux brands by the discerning Indian customer, who has the dual advantage of sampling brands, as well as being given the cost benefit, will surely guarantee a sustainable business model. Thus,the Indian market has a tremendous potential to grow, especially in the luxury segment. Vanity Cask has ventured into the market with a specific aim in mind. They wanted to broaden the horizons of the Indian Luxury beauty segment and they are providers of premium luxury beauty products. Unlike their competitors, Vanity Cask has chosen to focus only on beauty products and is category specific. They focus only on Skin, Hair and Bath & Body segments.
Vanity Cask is a monthly box sample subscription where in the consumers are provided with a box at their doorstep which contains 5 products from either the Skin, Hair or Bath and Beauty segments. All these products are internationally known brands that define luxury in the beauty market. The company so far has launched 4 boxes, Skin and Hair care.  All the products that a part of the box are not only internationally recognized but also carefully chosen by a team of dermatologists and other experts in the beauty industry. The Company has made sure that all their products are segment neutral and that will suit all skin, hair or body types.
The company has tie ups with high quality investors that not only bring in capital but also experience in the Indian market. Vanity Cask as a concept and as a company is young and has a great potential in the Indian market. It has seen an over whelming response from the customers and beauty is an aspirational category and a young emerging India will consume premium and luxury brands at a much faster rate than ever before in the coming years.
The market response for the box and the concept has been phenomenal. They have managed to deliver across the country. While Metros continue to provide a lot of consumers, what really encouraged them was to see a quality response from Tier 3 & Tier 4 towns as well and in remote parts of the country.
Vanity Cask wishes to become the biggest discovery platform for premium luxury products in India. They are therefore, looking at aggressively expanding their subscriber base. The company has managed to reach over 2 million women across India through continuous advertising and leading beauty bloggers. They plan on upgrading their product and fiercely market the brand in India.

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