How these three MBA professionals are building a global product from Pune:Interview with TripHobo

Left to right Saket CTO Karthik COO Praveen CEOLeft to right Saket CTO Karthik COO Praveen CEO
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IdeapreneurIndia-What does your startup do?

TripHobo- Our product is for anyone who is wants to travel and is seeking out a tool to plan his trip. The product is basically a travel planning platform where users can come and plan their trip absolutely free of cost for more than 15,000 cities. They can also explore and replicate the trip plans created by expert travellers and other users of TripHobo. We develop content that can be used as a handy travel guide to those who want to opt for DIY travelling. Integrating the 5 major elements of trip planning- the hotels, transport,attractions and things to do, restaurants and tours& activities into one platform makes it a one-stop destination in travel planning.

IdeapreneurIndia-What is the market size and estimated amount of funding received in this sector so far or last year (whichever figure known)?

TripHobo- The online sector has seen a steady rise in recent years. In just Asia pacific, more than 1/3rd of travel transactions are online and in the western world, it is more 3/4th of the total travel transactions. More and more people are opting for DIY travel and the numbers are fantastic. Over 47% of the trips planned in last year were DIY.  People are taking the task of trip planning tothem rather than sticking to ready-made tour packages. TripHobo’s mainaudience is the youth, people between 18 to 40 years of age who don’t want to travel with standard packages offered by travel agents.

IdeapreneurIndia- How and when did the idea strike you?

TripHobo- We’ve been avid travellers and whenever it came to planning a trip, we were stuck with two major problems- Lack of consolidated information and lack of platform to create a seamless trip plan. Planning a trip included exploring 10 to 15 different websites;collating the necessary information and putting it in complex excel sheets. This is when we realisedthe potential of developing a platform that could simplify travel!

IdeapreneurIndia- Who are your competitors?

TripHobo- Yes, many companies like tripit, tripomatic, roadtrippers are providing itinerary creation services similar to TripHobo.

IdeapreneurIndia-  How is your product different from your competitors?

TripHobo- The major difference between our competitors and us is the audience. Most of our competitors cater to an audience bound to a particular geography or a particular type of travel whereas TripHobo has a worldwide reach and can cater to trip planning all over the globally. This sets us apart.

IdeapreneurIndia- What was the biggest challenge in your journey?

TripHobo- Apart from acquiring funds, the prime objective in near future is to acquire talented individuals that share the same passion for the product like us.

Getting the like-minded people who trust in you and work towards the same direction as you is slightly tough. This is easy for start-up giants like Monster or zomato, but it was quite a task for us. Today, we’ve overcome 90% of these difficulties, but it still is one of our prime challenges.

IdeapreneurIndia- Tell us something about the co-founders?

TripHobo- Karthik Ramachandra (COO of TripHobo) handles sales and marketing, Saket Newaskar (CTO of TripHobo) is responsible for the technology behind TripHobo and I manage the product marketing.

We complement each other in our strengths. We also have a very good mentor network and advisors that serve as a great think-tank.

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