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Rate this post, an e-commerce platform which is based in Mumbai, has achieved a great funding of $1.5 Mn from Techno Group, a well known company that handles hospitality, construction, real estate development, financial services and agribusinesses. deals with fresh produce and gourmet food.
At present, Greencart offers 1500+ products in over 30 categories, which is a huge deal, as compared to other online sites available today! The funds they recieved will be now put into expanding operations, strengthening its distribution channels and all in all, invested in improving the deal, keeping in mind better reviews from the customers.
According to Jaydeep Mehta, the chairman of Techno Group, the unorganized sectors handle the fresh produces in India, which have a value of about 20 billion US dollars, per annum. A remarkable transformation along with great speed is noticed in this sector. Since the public is now realizing how important the quality of food is, and how convinient online shopping is, it’s turning out to be very beneficial for companies like Greencart, which can easily win over the market, now that it’s doing so well.

Rajiv Tevtiya, an aluminus of JBIMS, who has also worked for TATA, is a co founder of It is also co-founded by Kiran Tevtiya, who worked for Bank of America Merill Lynch, and is incharge of technology at Greencart. Both of them started this seeked guidance of Devidas Mule, who has years of experience in growing, sourcing and distributing fresh products. An experienced group of people with immense knowledge in agriculture, technology, distribution and marketing have been selected to make sure the functions of take place smoothly. Special emphasis on cleanliness, hygiene and health has to be given, not forgetting to value their USPs.
Adulteration free assurances are provided to every customer here, at Greencart,in. , maintaining international standards of health and hygiene.
Contamination in brought to a minimal level by reducing human touch and dirty atmospheres as much as possible.
“Not just export quality, but our products are also claimed as standard, premium, etc. This can allow the consumer to judge two products at the same price of the same category. The accuracy in gradation provides the consumer with complete information about the product nonetheless”, says Tevtiya.



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