Food Is Life- Dil Bhar Ke Khao With ‘KhayeJao’

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The best kind of people are those who love to eat. It is the pleasure of life and ordering should be a satisfactorily fast experience. So, for all those food lovers, ‘KhayeJao’ is here to save the day.

Khayejao is a foodtech set-up organization in Ahmedabad, India. KhayeJao’s e-commerce platform is used by corporate and retail customers to order food from eatery, cafe, tiffin providers, caterers, and sweets & snacks providers. Logistics services and products like delivery app, kiosks and Kitchen Order Ticket (KOT) are also given to its restaurant partners.


This business in India is worth US$ 48 billion. It’s food delivery is valued at US$ 15 billion (source: Zomato and FoodPanda being the biggest competitors, having big names in e-commerce food business and strong hold on logistics services, what makes KhayeJao special. Let’s have a look.

Food is loved by almost every Ahmedabadi. The unsatisfied need of food critics of fine dining had given this organization an exclusive chance. Fading food e-commerce space and restaurant products gave room to this idea.

An opportunity of a lifetime in the potential market of food industry worth $490 billion in 2013 caught the eye of Jay Bhinde and Chinar Shah and KhayeJao begin its journey in March, 2016.  By 2020, the expected value of the market is $894.98 billion (Rs. 61 lakh crore)

A full board option from the beginning is the speciality of KhayeJao that makes it different. KhayeJao has succeeded with its products for restaurant management, e-commerce business and logistics services and has left other competitors in Ahmedabad behind.

Founders, Jay Bhinde and Chinar Shah, are known to have a big appetite and immense love for food. Bhinde was responsible for the development of digital and business strategies along with product development. He has a master’s degree in Computer Engineering from Syracuse University, USA and studied Entrepreneurship at Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Shah has a master’s degree in Computer Engineering from Florida Atlantic University, USA and  leads the operations and marketing strategy at KhayeJao.

KhayeJao has made a magnificent growth in the corporate space having 24 employees in Ahmedabad, 325 restaurant partners, 35 corporate partners, 1000+ monthly orders, 3000+ online active customers, and MoM growth of 35%.

Brand building is a big challenge in e-commerce business and KhayeJao, with its poise nature and service has built its repute and brand value through an extraordinary customer service experience to their customers which resulted in more customers as the news and good reviews about KhayeJao spread across the people. Soon they received requests from people in other cities to start their services in their city, proving the saying that the best way to a person’s heart is through the stomach.

In the near future, new product launches in Kiosk and delivery management area is expected. The journey is in quest of funds and plans to grow in two cities in a row where rivals have not infiltrated in the market.

With a pleased stomach and fulfilled craving, we wish KhayeJao best of luck in their venture.



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