Introduces Expressway, Now Book Your Flight Tickets with Just One Click
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IdeapreneurIndia– What does your startup do? “, is a B2C Online Air Travel Portal, for all International & Domestic Airline Tickets, with state of the art Technology for seamless instant Online flight bookings on all Airlines, offering the lowest available fares, seamless end to end Reservations & Online ticketing with Secured Payment Gateways.
IdeapreneurIndia– What is the market size and estimated amount of funding received in this sector so far or last year (whichever figure known)– More than 175000 Passengers travel everyday within India and the market is ever growing. The Company is self funded with in-house technology & processing end to end.
IdeapreneurIndia- How and when did the idea strike you?– Mr. Michael Jain, CEO, was motivated to the Online Travel business, observing the Manual Travel Operation of the Family decades.

IdeapreneurIndia– Who are your competitors?–, is energized with enthusiasm, and prompted us to seamlessly automate the obsolete redundant Travel systems and Technology used by the competitors.

IdeapreneurIndia How is your product different from your competitors?–, has direct contracts with live inventory from all Airlines and offers Quality Travel Experience, Excellent Customer Support with trustworthy reliable service 24X7”.

IdeapreneurIndia– What are your plans for next year?– To Integrate all Low Cost Carriers around the world with Online Payment options in all currency and promote Online Travel in atleast 10 English Speaking Countries, to be followed by offerings in other languages countries.

IdeapreneurIndia– What was the biggest challenge in your journey?– Integration of Technologies, Resources and Marketing.

IdeapreneurIndia– Tell us something about the co-founders.– Michael Jain, a prodigy, the fourth generation talented travel enthusiasts & entrepreneur.A alumni OF Modern school and British school, New Delhi, has a B.Sc. from London School of Economics & an MBA from European University, Munich, Germany specializing in Banking, Finance & Corporate Finance & Computer Applications. He is also a qualified IATA and UFTA certified professional with years of experience in Corporate Travel, Air Consolidation & Online Travel.

IdeapreneurIndia– Team strength ?, is powered by dedicated team of 70 enterprising qualified travel professionals, Managers & Administrators with has highly qualified & experience IT Professionals, Designers & Programmers.



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