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19 don’tseem to be an age to become an entrepreneur but one can still try of starting a self-owned company. Because it’s actually beneficial as you have lot of time to recover and learn. You need to concrete on your thoughts and should have a rough idea about how it is going to be. To give your idea a good start you ought to follow certain steps.

  1. Talk to your family

 You need to convey your thoughts and ideas to your family. Clear their doubts patiently and give them time to wrap up. Like it is difficult for you to start a business, it’s difficult for them as well to cope with the idea that their child stepping up into a huge world. They might be stubborn and will say no many a times. But u need to understand that they are the one who  are going to stand with you during your tough times. If they want you to complete your graduation and then to for your goals then there is nothing wrong in it. In the mean time you can work upon your ideas and learn more before you start.


  1. Be sure about your decisions and move ahead

 You have a start-up idea in your mind when you are in a college it doesn’t mean that you have to drop out. Dropping out can be a wise as well as a worst decision depending upon your idea. Think twice before you take such bizarre steps. As an entrepreneur you need to be sure about what you are doing.


  1. Understand the importance of decision making

 It is obvious that you will make mistakes, but that doesn’t mean it is okay to make mistakes. Some of the things need to be perfect while you start your business. You need to choose people for your work and you also have to handle financial problems which will arouse in the beginning.  Don’t try to make decision in haste. You need to be more calm and must make proper decisions.


  1. Knowing the risks and precautions to be taken

 If anyone what’s to partner of with you, think about why he is doing that, how it will benefit him or her. Take necessary precautions before you take certain risks. Think rationally and make plans according to your environment. Don’t be panic and over think about any situation. Everything depends on how calmly you handle your problems.


  1. Learn about the dynamic industry

 Trends keep on changing. Do not pre assume everything. You might think that you will meet only men at business dealings, but things are changing. You have to deal with women too. Many new marketing strategies have come up, research on them and always update you with the recent trends.



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