About Us

About Us


IdeapreneurIndia is India’s first and only media house for the youth and Entrepreneur. IdeapreneurIndia envisions sourcing, identifying, developing and delivering locally unique, youth-specific, inspirational,business,entrepreneur,startup and significant content to the youth, with the singular view of converting reading from an optional hobby to an important habit.
IdeapreneurIndia is a venture “of the Youth, by the Youth, and for the Youth” and is the work of college students, driven by the passion to make their voices heard. We encourage and support our readers to get themselves published on our widely popular platform, and our exciting work culture enables tens of students to join our team.
IdeapreneurIndia is run by a group of passionate and enthusiastic college students based in India. We have our team members, occasional writers, and contributors, from across the country – and even from outside the country – while we have the operations head quartered at Mumbai.

A IdeapreneurIndia follows his heart, regardless of society’s resistance and rules!

While he walks his own path, a IdeapreneurIndia sees limitless inspiration to change the world for better and make a difference.In all our diversities, there’s a bit of IdeapreneurIndia in each one of us!

2 years back, One, TOO stubborn Engineer, followed their heart and chose to refuse mindless high paying jobs to become entrepreneur. Now  founder is Jitendra sahu