Aalizwel.com is an online Students to Students Community Board and Classified Marketplace

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Aalizwel.com is an online Students to Students Community Board and Classified Marketplace which helps students buy,sell,trade with their friends and classmate in a smooth and cordial way. It enables students to buy,sell or share any item or service around campus and local business to provide products or services to students. Its main aim is to create a safe and secure platform particularly for students to solve their daily problems like books, housing,dining,internships,jobs,clothing,travel etc.

The founders and key members of Aalizwel are; Vishal Jagetia(Founder),Narendar Kumar Jain(Co-founder) and Srihari Kapu(Catalyst). Aalizwel’s main motto is to help the student community since its inception.

The concept of Aalizwel took shape due to the challenges and problems faced by the founder himself when he was a student. The site’s domain name Aalizwel was inspired from the movie 3 Idiots in 2007.

Aalizwel initially worked as a platform for providing notes, presentations, news and campus events. After a gruelling process of trial and error, experiments and failure Aalizwel became a success.

Some of Aalizwel’s prominent features are: Allowing users to post ads/listing for free in seconds ,buy,sell,rent,exchange and give awaythings locally ,no more shipping and waiting,social networking system (setting profile,private messaging and fellow peers),Students can offer freelancing services as per their skills on hourly,daily,weekly and monthly basis,Discover great local businesses,Discover coupons ,discounts,gift cards nearby,Find local events or parties or sell tickets,Real and verified users,no more fraud or scam and  Save and earn money.

Aalizwel aims to help students and provide an aid during student life such as finding an internship,right job, housing,flatmate,books and posters,hosting partiesor events etc.

Plus, things like old syllabus books, previous class notes, electronic gadgets, room-mates, PG accommodations can be reused in constructive and profitable manner since these are still significant to many. This is where Aalizwel comes into the picture.

Aalizwel’s biggest hurdle is to sell its unique concept to the masses. Also, just like any other company it faced challenges in terms of finding manpower, infrastructure and funding.

Aalizwel.com has a Vision and a Mission i.e.

Vision: “Student Life Made Easier”

Mission:” We simply want to inspire more students to buy, sell, rent, request, offer and give away their stuff with one another on campus”



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