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Menu I Like is the answer to your problems about waiting at long queues for ordering your food or not being able to get a table at your favorite restaurant. Pritish Samantaray, the founder of Menu I Like says, “It’s a complete solution for your food desire. Especially, we are focused on delivering service that can be accessed through the client or user’s fingers tip.”

It gets your food delivered at your doorstep and the ‘Pick up Option’ lets you order food and later pick it up from the restaurant. Menu I Like has made it easier for you to party anytime you want, no need to plan for a party beforehand, they book your table immediately. They also offer catering services at your doorstep in no time.

When asked about the inspiration about Menu I Like, Pritish Samantaray said, “To be honest, there was no serious planning, market analysis or something like that. Actually, my fiancé moved to Hyderabad recently. And, she was too worried about missing the local food. But when I called the day after her arrival, the scenario was completely different. It was a Sunday, and she was enjoying delicious Chicken Biryani at her room from a good restaurant. From this I thought that how easily she gets food even if she doesn’t know anything about the place.                                                                                                                                                         Immediately, another thought popped-up in our mind about something like “Menu I Like”, even I used to miss such a service, especially on those days when lunch at the office is not good, and I don’t have time to move to a restaurant and eat the way I like.”

It took one year to roll out the project as the team wanted it to be perfect. Adds Samantaray, “Especially, thinking from the concerned restaurant’s profit point of view, we had to analyze a bit more. If you closely watch our business, you can find that the restaurants are also enjoying the advance system, which is indeed lucrative for them! After all, it takes time to satisfy everyone.”

The team has already worked out the solutions for some challenges like traffic and bad weather by arranging extra resources.

Menu I Like’s ultimate aim is to become a household name in Bhubaneswar within 2 years. Their motto is Nourishing Every need of the Foodies.




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