8 Influential women of 2017

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We all had plans and goals to accomplish this New Year. Some of us are still persistent in their goals, while the rest just gave up midway. Here are 8 frontiers woman, who are perfectionist in achieving their goals. They will surely inspire you to be persistent in your goals.

1.Arundhati Bhattacharya

Chairperson, State Bank of India

Arundhati Bhattacharya-ideapreneurindia

 Arundhati started as an intern at the State Bank of India at the age of 21and conclusively she became the youngest head and the only woman to reach this position. Forbes magazine in one of its 2016 edition ranked her 25th in the list of “100 most powerful women in the world” and fortune ranked her 4th in Asia-Pacific. Bhattacharya dealt efficiently with the confusion and chaos created by demonetization. She this year with her performances will try to evolve SBI into a modern day’s bank.


2.Nikki Haley

US ambassador to the UN

Nikki Haley-ideapreneurindia

The first women governor of South Carolina, who was then chosen by Donald Trump as the US ambassador to the United Nations(UN). Haley was born in Bamberg, South Carolina, to Sikh immigrants from Punjab, India. As she is US ambassador to UN, in 2017 world will recognize her as an administrative potential.


3.Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra-ideapreneurindia


Her ingression into Hollywood with her TV show ‘Quantico’ has given her a significant importance in the west. She elegantly embedded herself at the Golden Globes with her Ralph Lauren gown and was also invited to the white house for Barack Obama’s farwell speech. Her Hollywood film ‘Baywatch’ which is set to release in May will let us know whether she has cemented her place in Hollywood.


  1. 4. Reshma Shetty

Co-founder, Ginkgo Bioworks

Reshma Shetty-ideapreneurindia

GinkoBioworks is an organism designing company that is setting new standards in engineering through Biology. Shetty has been trendsetter in this flied. One of Ginko’s inventions includes using yeast as a base for all kinds of substances, including perfumes, cosmetics, and even sweeteners. A French fragrance company has even started selling rose oil perfumes using this technology and has vastly reduced the cost of procuring the actual flower petals, which are far more expensive. Shetty has been named by Forbes as ‘one of 8 people inventing the future’. This is a remarkable start for her.


  1. Saina Nehwal
  2. Saina Nehwal-ideapreneurindia

Badminton professional

Winning the Malaysian Masters Badminton title, this year Saina has given a good start. She currently ranks 9th in the world. Her fierce practice in spite of ups and downs that she faced has always kept her in the front.


  1. Mallika Srinivasan
  2. Mallika Srinivasan-ideapreneurindia

Chairman and CEO, Tractors and Farm Equipment Limited

MallikaSrinivasan is the ‘Tractor Queen’ of India. Mallika’s tractor company ranks third in the world. Her company’s revenue is 96 billion. Srinivasan has been listed in the top 125 most successful alumni of Wharton School of Business. She was also named the Entrepreneur of the Year in 2011 by Ernst and Young, and in 2016, BBC chose her as one of the 100 most influential women in the world.


  1. Prerna Gupta
  2. Mallika Srinivasan-ideapreneurindia

CEO, Hooked

Hooked is a company that is reimaging fiction by turning it as a compact stories resembling text message conversations. It has been listed as a ‘Hottest Start-ups by Woman’ by Business Insider. Prerna Gupta an American Business woman of Indian descent is the founder of this digital venture. Gupta, alongside her husband ParagChordia, had previously started a venture called Khush, which helped make music apps and had over 50 million users worldwide. She was named as most ‘Influential Women in Technology’ by Fast Company in 2012. So now it will ne interesting to see how she takes thisnew age publishing to innovative heights and redefines storytelling for the world.


  1. Prarthna Desai

Operations, Zipline

Prarthna Desai-ideapreneurindia

She is a 27 old year woman, who has come up with a brilliant idea of using drones to deliver medicines. She dropped out of Harvard in order to work with healthcare company Zipline, where in her role in operations, she is spearheading the work to integrate the medicine-delivery-by-drone service with the healthcare system in Rwanda. Forbes recognized her path breaking efforts and named her as one of the ‘30 under 30’s’ in healthcare sector in 2016. This year Desai and her team can bring Revolution in healthcare sector.



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