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We are living in the age of apps. There is a app for everything. We broadly use the chatting apps which help us being connected to people. Secondly come’s the shopping apps. These apps can be seen in almost everyone’s phone. There are some special apps which are peculiarly made for women. We have listed five such types of apps which every woman must install in their phones.

  1. Safety apps

A survey conducted in Mumbai revealed that mostly everyone knew that there are safety apps but barely anyone used it.  On digging deeper it is found that they don’t consider safety apps that important or Mumbai is safer city compared to other places. But where ever you may live safety is must. Many apps such as WatchOverMe, bSafe, ReactMobile and StaySafe are available on Android and iOS. These are currently the best women-safety apps. Each of these apps allows tracking by using a GPS which will enable your friends and family know if you are in an danger. They allow Emergency calling system which tells your dear ones exactly where you are.

  1. Menstrual calendar apps

In this modern world you have many tasks to complete. You are on toes all the time. Your periods will be the last thing that will ever come to your mind. . However, there are many apps that provide the facility of keeping track of your monthly cycle, like Fertility Friend Mobile, Clue and Period Tracker. These apps calculate and track current and future period dates and also tell you about your ovulation cycle and fertility, your moods and your symptoms, all in a simple month-view calendar. Apps like MyPill serve as a reminder telling you when you should pop a pill in order to avoid pregnancy.

  1. Healthcare apps

You don’t need to be a Fitness freak to have a healthcare app. It is necessary that we all lead a healthy life and Keep a track on our health. You can download an health app to simply know your calorie intake. Apps like MyFitnesPal, RunKeeper, Pact, Fitbit etc., will help people achieve their fitness goals, whether it is to work out, maintain one’s weight. Some apps, like Fitbit, also go one step further and provide you with a tracker for your heart performance.


  1. Shopping apps

All women love to shop. With the wide variety of shooping apps available yu can buy things in a click. If you are fond of clothes and fashion download apps like Myntra and Limeroad. If you love shopping make up products then there is Nykaa. There are also some special apps which focuses on single type of products such as Zivambe only for lingerie, Crafts villa only for Ethinic Wear and BlueStone for Jwellery. You have other apps such as Amazon, FlipkartSnapDeal etc., which offers you wide categories for shopping.  


  1. To do list apps

Handling a ton of Tasks throughout the day is difficult. It is better to sort things out with a To Do list apps and do your work effectively.Todolist, Any.Do, Carrot, Wunderlist etc., have a good range of functionalities and also have options for collaborations. Evernote is another app where you can save snippets of web articles you find useful, or note things by clicking their photos, organise receipts, bills etc. You can also chat with your colleagues and friends to discuss any important ideas, or easily find anything you want from your notes with these apps.



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